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Our mission

It’s our goal to make the most comprehensive, user friendly and fresh start page on the web with a clear overview of only the best of what the web has to offer. We like to keep it simple and as useful as possible for our users.

We try to achieve this by a strict site selection process and constantly updating the Kadaza categories. Because of valuable suggestions from our users and our global network of local contributors we are able to do this.

Today, we face overwhelming choice on the web and daily launches of new websites. The web continues to grow at staggering rates. We feel someone needs to step up and culling out the bad and useless and present a simple overview of only the most popular resources on the web.

Research showed that of the millions of websites on the internet, only a small fraction are actually heavily used. Kadaza shows only these popular websites, which makes using the internet much easier. The idea behind Kadaza is to make it quicker and easier to navigate around the web. Above all, Kadaza is simple and easy to use!

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