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Website Selection Procedure

All websites on Kadaza are human selected with great care and organized in the best possible way, making it easy to use, intuitive, and helpful for everyone. We use a strict site selection process where sites on Kadaza should represent original, unique and informational content that contributes something unique to a specific Kadaza category. In short, we only select the best and most popular sites in each category. But we also introduce new and exciting sites.

Our team is constantly monitoring the latest website traffic data and local website trends. We use many ways to get insights into the traffic and geographic visitation patterns of websites. We analyse all the major internet audience studies, traffic ranking services and other third-party market research.

All these Digital insights are interpreted by our team and used to make well founded decisions. In this way, we offer users a purified, visual distilled version of the web.

Despite our efforts to make every category on Kadaza as complete as possible, we may left out a particular website that you feel is essential. In that case, please contact us. We provide the opportunity for everyone to contribute. Thanks to many enthusiastic contributors worldwide, we are able to keep every Kadaza site up to date and complete.

Sometimes we place sites that are not known and may have poor design or other issues, yet present information that is difficult or impossible to find elsewhere on the web. Even with some flaws, if the content is rare and unique, we may place it on Kadaza.

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